Diversion of Drug

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The use of drugs for a purpose other than intended therapeutic utilization. Some hospitals have issued protocol(s) to randomly test drug waste to track their staff routinely. Waste monitoring has shown to be a deterrent for drug diversion across healthcare employees.

Examples – Expensive drugs may be diluted down below therapeutic levels to “save money” and narcotic drugs may be diluted to obtain drugs for personal/recreational use or sale.

Where Diversion Happens: Point of Purchase, Patient- Specific Items, Multi-dose Vials or Bulk Items, High Cost Medication, Discrepancy, Substitution with Non-controlled Pain Medications and Tampering/Other Unauthorized Removals

DYNALABS works with hospitals to incorporate drug testing into their diversion protocols. This consists of a sampling program that randomly checks hospital personnel on selective drugs to assess drug alteration. In addition, DYNALABS can specifically focus on a particular drug, such as fentanyl, to monitor usage.