Materials: Vendor Qualification Program

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To ensure that vendors of critical raw materials are supplying consistently high quality product.

One of the critical aspects of a robust quality system is a Vendor Qualification Program (VQP). The key elements of VQP are:

Many companies will have the first two elements. However, the ongoing assessment of quality is often overlooked or just not done because of the associated costs and complexity of tracking the program.

The DYNALABS VQP is designed to address the three key elements, and to track the ongoing quality of materials supplied by vendors both efficiently and cost effectively. This is accomplished by seamlessly using data generated in the course of testing customer produced products, and applying it to the suppliers and materials that were used in the making of that product. If a product meets all the critical quality requirements, then, by extension, the materials that went into making that product are good. Conversely if a product fails and one of the materials is implicated in that failure, then the supplier may need to be replaced, or at a minimum, monitored more closely. The process is as follows: