On-site Managed Services

Announcing a new analytical testing option that is going to be available to our valued customers, DYNALABS On-site Managed Services. With this service, DYNALABS establishes and maintains an analytical testing lab inside your hospital or compounding pharmacy. You gain an analytical lab that is tailored to your specific needs, works only for your organization and is managed by the best in the industry.

Top Benefits

  1. Compliance, Security, and Risk Mitigation – DYNALABS has already developed testing methods that comply with ISO and FDA regulations; with DYNALABS On-site Managed Services, we can propagate these methods to your smaller analytical laboratory.

  2. Less Out-of-Specifications, Rework, and Waste – DYNALABS’ years of experience means fewer lab errors and lower costs.

  3. Access to Innovative Technologies – DYNALABS is committed to continuous improvement, from new technology solutions for existing tests to entirely new tests. DYNALABS On-site Managed Services means that you will readily have access to the newest technologies and innovations, as they become available.

  4. Qualified and Trained Staff – The core of your production business is your staff, and so it is with your analytical lab. Data integrity begins and ends with generating valid results, and the key to this is a well-trained and passionate staff. DYNALABS On-site Managed Services ensures every analyst is fully qualified and trained.

  5. Reduced Testing Time – Since you are no longer shipping samples to an off-site laboratory, testing times are reduced. Also, you are not incurring shipping costs.

  6. Increased Collaboration and Communication – An on-site laboratory enables face-to-face communication between production staff and lab technicians; something that is especially helpful when investigating a negative result.

  7. Access to Redundant Resources – You will have access to DYNALABS full laboratory and staff in St. Louis whenever extra help or a specialized test is required. This means you pay for only the daily staff needed in your DYNALABS On-site Managed laboratory, never redundant staff or seldom-used equipment.

  8. Controlled Laboratory Costs – Since you have access to redundant resources for sample flow influx and specialized tests, the cost of your DYNALABS On-site Managed laboratory is a fixed cost.

DYNALABS is… the only contract laboratory and consulting services company that helps hospitals, compounding pharmacies, and outsourced manufacturing facilities achieve and surpass their goals for PATIENT SAFETY.

And now, with OMS, we can bring that philosophy to your space.

sales@dynalabs.us for information about On-site Management Services