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The DYNALABS’ website structure was designed to collate, track, and analyze testing data to demonstrate quality control within pharmacies via a paperless design format. It has been shown that pharmacies with the ability to pull their testing data to assess the compounding performance of their people, process, and/or products, perform better than those who do not use this capability. DYNALABS’ web portal serves as a platform to help pharmacies perform this exercise.

How to prove Control over the three P’s (People, Process, and Products)
Testing data over time can provide information on improving compounding quality within a pharmacy. People, process, and products are the key variables that impact the test results.

People  Process Products
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The ability to track your personnel can help point out issues in training and/or techniques that may need improvement.  Process validation is very important to ensure consistency of product within your pharmacy. Showing specific products are consistent in a specific market may demonstrate a center of excellence.


Online Process

  1. Submit your samples with just a few clicks…Easy!
  2. Track your sample from receipt to completion…Convenient!
  3. Certificates of Analysis on-line and real-time…Immediate!
  4. Control Chart your data with the click of a button…Value!

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