Lab Services

Not Just about Giving You Results

  • People - Training and Techniques

    Monitoring your personnel can help point out challenges in training and/or techniques that may need improvement.


  • Products – Verification

    Eliminating chance and creating a safe viable product that can be delivered.


Yes, DYNALABS has a state-of-the-art laboratory to test pharmaceuticals with an extensive list of testing services.

Yes, DYNALABS has a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Yes, DYNALABS has excellent customer service.

But, that is not all that sets us apart. It is what happens before we begin testing and after we determine the test result. Our goal is to provide solutions, not just test results.

We help you determine the best testing plan for your needs. So, your tests and their results actually help you reach your goals, whether to address an issue, provide quality assurance, or to meet regulatory compliance.

All your test results are stored and tracked on our secure web site. So, you can view results immediately, as well as track testing history. This gives you an overview of your business and any issues you need to address.

Then we help you build and implement a plan to address any issues exposed by your test results. Join our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program to gain additional information to increase patient safety, and generate revenue.

For more information about our Core Lab Services please, click here or call toll free: 888.DYNALAB (888.396.2522) or In St. Louis, 314.241.3962