Working Towards 503B Certification

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Improving Consistency and Building Trust for a 503A Pharmacy Working Towards 503B Certification

DYNALABS provides consistently high-level service and the best turnaround times in the industry. Our quality customer service is focused on solutions, not just results. So we can provide our clients with opportunities to improve and grow their business.

This case study will show how DYNALABS was able to use their expert customer service and pharmaceutical knowledge to build a relationship of trust with a facility that had poor experiences with other testing companies.

The Issue
In 2013, Federal and State laws mandated that Facility A, a 503A facility, had to become a 503b outsourcing facility. To meet that goal, Facility A began looking for a testing company or companies to provide the support they needed. Consistency and reliability were especially important as they worked towards becoming a 503b outsourcing facility.

The testing companies they found at that time were not satisfactory. They all offered different levels of service, different turnaround times, and inconsistent pricing. Because of these inconsistencies, Facility A began looking for a single, reliable and consistent testing company to meet all their testing needs.

The Solution
Facility A approached some cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) consultants for suggestions of a testing company to replace their current testing companies. The consultants suggested DYNALABS.

So, Facility A approached DYNALABS to determine whether they would provide the consistency, reliability, and reasonable pricing they needed. DYNALABS staff immediately recognized the need to build trust with Facility A, due to their difficulties with other testing companies. So, in addition to DYNALABS standard customer research and review, a knowledgeable DYNALABS staff member visited Facility A. Then DYNALABS invited Facility A representatives to visit the DYNALABS testing facility and perform their own audit.

The Facility A representatives were pleased with the results of their visit and audit at DYNALABS. The audit provided Facility A and DYNALABS additional opportunities to have open and candid discussions about Facility A’s needs. DYNALABS gave Facility A what they needed to build trust in DYNALABS after their previous negative experiences with other testing companies.

The Result
Facility A began using DYNALABS in 2013. They have achieved their 503b certification and continue to use DYNALABS exclusively as their testing company.