Case Studies

A look at how other companies have benefited from Dynalabs services…

Working Towards 503B Certification

Improving Consistency and Building Trust for a 503A Pharmacy Working Towards 503B Certification DYNALABS provides consistently high-level service and the best turnaround times in the industry. Our quality customer service is focused on solutions, not just results. So we can provide our clients with opportunities to improve and grow their business. This case study will show how DYNALABS was able to use their expert customer service and pharmaceutical knowledge to build a relationship of trust...

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DVx™ for On-site Drug Verification

Reducing Costs and Improving Consistency, Patient Safety, and Staff Training with the 4th-Generation DVx The fourth generation DVxTM, DYNALABS LLC DVx – 04, provides the means to create a significant improvement to hospital quality assurance procedures, staff training, and patient safety. This case study describes four common issues faced by hospitals and how the DVx has been used at all phases of the medication lifecycle to address and resolve those issues for a sample hospital...

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Partnering for 503B Compliance

Consulting with a 503B Facility to Address Issues and Meet New Regulations as a 503B Outsourcing Facility DYNALABS expertise in the Pharmaceutical Industry enables us to act as a partner to our clients, not just as a testing facility. Instead of just providing test results, we can provide solutions to a variety of issues that impede our clients’ success. This case study will show how DYNALABS was able to assess a client’s facility, provide a...

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Fentanyl

The time and resources required to determine the root cause for a failure can return valuable, and sometimes surprising results. “The case of the Disappearing Fentanyl” is one of those situations, where what was originally thought to be a testing issue, turned out to be something entirely different, and enlightening.

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