Steve Crouse

With more than 30 years of experience in finance, operations, and human resources management, Steve Crouse joined DYNALABS in 2016. Steve, a seasoned, results-oriented leader and team builder, has experience in building, strengthening, and leading organizations to success in competitive environments.

Steve has a proven track record of success when working with fast-growing companies; he especially enjoys guiding a company through the intricacies of debt management and providing financial insight during long-term strategic planning.

Prior to working at DYNALABS, Steve worked at various companies, including Lanter Distributing, True North Group LLC, The Foreign Candy Co. Inc., and Allparts Inc. He held roles as Vice President – Controller, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Principal Consultant, and Director of Finance. Steve is known for his profit maximization by getting results through operational efficiencies, supportive financial reporting, and effective negotiation skills. He demonstrates the ability to make improvements in profitability, cash flow, inventory levels, operational efficiencies, and teamwork.

Steve received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA Finance from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.