The DVx™ | On-site drug verification

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“Diversion is the transfer of a controlled substance… to an unlawful channel of distribution or use….”
– Uniform Controlled Substance Act (1994)

An advanced solution to Diversion Detection: the DVx

Drug diversion in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies is a serious and growing problem. To address this challenge, DYNALABS has developed the most advanced on-site drug verification solution available. The DVx is a stand-alone unit that instantly verifies drug identity and purity. Once the DVx is installed, you are ready to begin!

What the DVx delivers

Combined with a pharmacy quality assurance program, the DVx has helped hospitals and health systems:
• Reduce medication errors
• Lower the risk and expense of adverse drug events
• Provide optimal drug delivery from pharmacy to end users

How the DVx works

At the push of a button, the DVx captures the spectral data of a compound and sends that data via cloud technology to secure servers. Within seconds, the data is analyzed using validated testing methods, and the result returned to the client. All data is verified and stored on our secure servers.

Four simple steps to accurate results

  1. Log in
  2. Enter the drug concentration and unique drug/compound identifier
  3. Place the drug onto the DVx testing platform
  4. Press “Analyze” to view results