Open House DVx Giveaway Restrictions

6-Months Free DVx Service Raffle*

The winner of the giveaway will receive the following for 6 months:

Methods can be chosen from the DVx Potential Active List (see below). At least one method per active is available. The number of methods per active depends on the diluent, manufacturer, and concentration. To choose the best possible methods, the customer completes a DVx wish list with actives included in the DVx Potential Active List and other necessary information. The DVx team will then analyze the wish list and break down each active into an appropriate method. The customer can choose the 2 methods that best fit with their facility. Once 2 methods are chosen, 2 lots of a minimum of 5mls total of final product must be provided for each active. Please allow about 30 days for method development to be completed.

The winner will be responsible for travel costs and expenses of approximately $1,000. They also must sign a non-exclusive MSA/SLA agreement.

DVx Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) List

The DVx is optimized for clear, single active solutions; however, development/verification of all formulations is required to verify specificity.

Diversion Monitoring Methods Currently Available:



Fentanyl Citrate


Hydromorphone HCL


Ketamine HCL



Midazolam HCL

Morphine Sulfate



Other Methods Currently Available:


Caffeine Citrate


Ephedrine Sulfate


Succinylcholine Chloride
(without Preservatives)

*Qualified winner must be a pharmacist or a medical personnel currently employed at a hospital and compounding pharmacy or outsourcing facility. Prize must be claimed within 30 days of drawing and is non-transferable.

The 6-month giveaway starts once the DVx is installed at the winner’s facility. When the 6 months is complete, the winner is responsible for sending the DVx along with all consumables included in the original package to DYNALABS at 2327 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, MO. If the winner of the giveaway would like to continue using the DVx, an official quote will need to be issued.