Testing Pentobarbital


On July 10, 2020, an article from a Reuters reporter appeared in the news indicating DYNALABS had unknowingly been testing pentobarbital, a medication that was compounded for use in executions.  This medication is commonly used to help with sleep disorders, in anesthesia, and to help shrink brain tissue subsequent to severe head trauma.

Several years ago, DYNALABS was asked to test pentobarbital for lethal injection for a penal system.  We refused to do so, because of the controversial nature surrounding the use of this drug for that purpose.  It has been, and will always be, our policy to not knowingly test a medication that will be used for that purpose.

Further, DYNALABS does not require our clients to disclose the ultimate use of the medications they send to us to test.  Our job is to provide timely, accurate, cost-effective testing and consulting services to our clients, so they can provide their customers with safe, efficacious medication.

Although pentobarbital is a medication submitted infrequently to us for testing, DYNALABS is now conducting a review of those clients that have submitted it for analysis.  It will be our policy going forward to require a statement from our client indicating their preparation will not be used for execution.  Clients that decline to make that declaration will not be allowed to submit their pentobarbital preparations to DYNALABS for testing.

DYNALABS fully understands the complexity of this situation.  We stand by our prior decision to not knowingly test medication intended for execution.  We hope this statement clarifies our position on this important matter.

Best Regards,
E. Michael Pruett, MBA, RPh
CEO/Managing Partner

Russell Odegard
CEO, Founder (Managing Partner)