For Immediate Release,

ST. LOUIS, MO, April 22, 2019 – DYNALABS is excited to announce the formation of the DYNALABS New Ventures Initiative (DNVI). This new initiative will be led by Jun Fabella. In his new role as Executive Vice President of DNVI, Jun will be responsible for identifying and executing on the viability and commercial value of unique business opportunities and innovations.

Over our exciting fifteen-year history, DYNALABS has often been presented with unique business opportunities that are complementary, yet tangential to our core competencies.  With a singular focus on our guiding principles of Patient Safety, Affordable Healthcare and Business Success, as they relate to our laboratory and consulting services business, many of these opportunities were placed on the “back burner.” This resulted in delays in realizing the considerable inherent value from these opportunities or having to forego them altogether.  By establishing the DNVI under Mr. Fabella’s leadership, we can focus the necessary resources on evaluating, defining, funding, and then executing on these considerable business opportunities, thereby driving value creation for our stakeholders.

Having led the transformation of DYNALABS from an innovative startup, to a professionally managed organization with cutting edge systems and services, Mr. Fabella is well qualified to lead this exciting new initiative.  Jun says, “DNVI’s mission is to quickly understand business opportunities for value creation, and to develop clearly defined, well-funded go-forward plans.  Ultimately, it’s about broadening the horizons for DYNALABS and maintaining our position as an innovation leader in the industry.”

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