Custom Packing Slip

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Improvements to our Test Request processs

DL2_Reciept-Page_tnFor reference, you may download an example of the packing slip by clicking here. If you have any questions at all please reach out to us at
The DYNALABS’ online Test Request process will soon generate automatically a custom packing slip. You enter no additional data; the information needed for the packing slip has already been entered as part of the normal sample submission web pages; all you do is click on the ‘Submit and Print” button. The packing slip includes your client information, as well as all the information needed about the lots being submitted to DYNALABS.

Benefits of the new packing slip include the ability to receive your shipments more efficiently and quickly, and to process the requested tests more precisely.

The software change will be implemented on February 01, 2016. At that time, DYNALABS will require the following in order to use the online Sample Submission process: