Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Batch Size?
    • A batch size is the total amount of material you specifically created, in which samples are pulled from and shipped to be tested
  2. Why didn’t my packing slip print?
    • The most common reason for a packing slip not to print is that your computer is blocking pop ups. Make sure to enable pop-ups for
    • Your printer may not be on or connected to your computer
  3. How much does testing cost?

    • prices
    • We have three service levels, which detail different turnaround times based on your pharmacy’s needs. Once a service level is chosen, our Pricing Guide can be reviewed for pricing.  Please contact your Regional Sales Manager and/or Customer Support Specialist for more information.
  4. Where is your API list?
  5. How much sample should I send in?
    • While entering information on our Test Request Form, click the “review amounts required” button and all necessary amounts will appear
    • You can also find Sample Submission requirements at the following website for potency, sterility, endotoxin, particulate, pH, and specific gravity testing.
  6. Can I just send in 1 sample for multiple tests?
    • No, each test requires a unique container, sometimes multiple containers


  1. Where can I find my results?
    • Please visit Sample Tracking on your customer website
    • If a sample is marked “completed,” the plus button can be clicked to expand and view test results
  1. How do I submit a sample?
    • After logging in, click “Test Request” in the upper right-hand corner
    • Fill out all necessary information about your sample and continue
    • Fill out shipping information and continue
    • Submit and print packing slip and include with your sample upon shipping
  1. How do I reprint my packing slip?
    • Under the “Sample Tracking” tab, click on any samples that have been marked “Not Received” and then click “edit” This will take you back to the Test Request Form where you can reprint an individual packing slip