Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

  • Analytical Testing

    Establish effective testing programs targeted at identifying and monitoring your current levels of quality.


  • Data Analysis

    Analyze data generated by the testing programs and identify opportunities to improve your products, processes, and personnel within the pharmacy.


  • Consulting

    Tap into our extensive experience in quality improvement, marketing, and networking to implement improvements, cost savings, and help you market your products.


The CQI Program increases patient safety and helps generate revenue by utilizing data and establishing the foundation of a quality system.CQI-Stamp

Becoming a DYNALABS CQI Partner® enables you to make use of DYNALABS pharmaceutical expertise to establish a culture of continuous improvement using a cyclical process of potency testing, data analysis, and consulting. The result is improved products, processes, and personnel.

The CQI program process impacts many areas of the pharmacy: policies and procedures, technician techniques, regulatory compliance, product and personnel validation, and beyond use dating. In turn, the results reduce pharmacy risk, create cost savings, and generate revenue opportunities. All together, the CQI program establishes a higher level of patient safety.

CQI Core Elements


The CQI Partners follow a proven roadmap to create an environment of continuous improvement that leads to their goals.


Business Impactart_CQI_Cost-Time-Grid

High quality positively impacts your business in the following ways:

All these attributes gain momentum over time providing a continuous increase in efficiency/revenue while reducing risk/cost.

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